27 Sep 2011

Barclay Premier League game week 6 roundup

Barclay premier league round 6 was a round with no big surprises in my opinion. Manchester city, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all won their games at home which were expected. Tottenham beat Wigan away as well which gave Spurs three in a row now which is strong after losing their two first matches.

There are some games I do feel like commenting on tough. Many people have called out Manchester United as champions already. As I wrote earlier on my blog I don’t agree that United have looked that impressing yet. And as I predicted they got their hands full away to Stoke this weekend. One could say that Rooney was out for the game, but as I also mentioned that is part of the game. If United can’t cope with Rooney being out they got huge problems coming. Manchester City and Chelsea are also looking strong and United can’t afford to lose too many points. Enough said about United. Stoke is looking very solid this season. They have beaten Liverpool and take points against both Chelsea and Manchester United at home so far. It looks like Britannia is one of the hardest places to travel this season and if Stoke can get some points away as well they could be an unmentioned challenger for the 4th place this season.

I feel I have hit spot on with a lot of my predictions so far. The one thing I do feel tough is that I might have to swallow my predictions on Newcastle. They beat Blackburn at home and are at top of the league unbeaten so far. I thought the loss of Carrol, Noland and Barton would leave Newcastle dead and buried in the bottom of the table but the team spirit looks strong and they are for me the biggest surprise so far.

Norwich is another team I would like to mention. I watched the game against Sunderland yesterday and they looked very strong. I have seen some of their games so far and they have looked good in most of them, but have been unlucky with the results. So it’s nice to see that they finally get some points for their good performances. If they can keep it up they might actually be able to stay up this season. The way Norwich has produced the last two seasons is just brilliant. And one can’t do anything but salute Paul Lambert for the job he has done there. The question now is how long Norwich can keep their manager. Bigger clubs must be impressed with the job he has done.

Last team I want to talk about is Aston Villa. The team is still unbeaten after round 6, but 5 draws aren’t good enough at the end of the day. At the rate Villa is drawing games they are looking to be relegated this season. And I predicted Aston Villa to struggle this year, and it looks to me that I might be right. Alex McLeish is a good manager, but his style of play fits bottom teams best. He likes to play defensively and a tight style of football. This works when his team is underdogs but in games they should win they will struggle. In McLeish’s defense they have gotten points away to both Fulham and Everton which are difficult places to travel to. But at home they need to produce more if they are to stay clear of the relegation battle in my opinion.

To round up the round I got 7 out of 10 games right and nailed both Liverpool to win 2-1 and West Brom to draw 0-0 at the Hawthorns:

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