15 Apr 2011

PFA player award

After my thoughts about the youngsters it’s time for the “old boys”. I want to start off with my favorite which is Charlie Adam. Playing for the team that all experts condemned before the start of the season, the captain Adam have lead the team in a lot of brilliant performances this season. I think most people would call me crazy if I told them at the start of the season that Blackpool would beat Liverpool in both matches. With 9 goals and 5 assist from midfield Adam has been Blackpools talisman and will be the man who might save the club from relegation. His performance this season have linked to clubs like Liverpool and Man. United at the end of the season and I can’t see Blackpool keeping him for next season.

Moving along to another strong player this season. Nemanja Vidic have played brilliant and made Uniteds backline look strong in a season where the team have had a lot of injuries on defenders. I think when Ferguson made him captain he step up his game on an even higher level and for me he is world class.  For me he is one of the best if not the best central defender in the world at the moment. I will not be shocked if he gets the award, and it’s well earned if he gets it. But for me Charlie Adam is playing for a poor side and has singlehandedly made it possible for Blackpool to avoid relegation this season while Vidic is playing for a strong going United team which has more players pulling the weight  of the team.

Scott Parker has been brilliant for West Ham again this season. I can’t understand why he is playing for a team in the bottom side of the table. He is the glue of the team which keeps the defense and attack together, and in a lot of the games it seems like he is all over the pitch. I hope that some of the top clubs will sign him, but it’s not likely at the age of 30. But for me he deserves to play at a higher level then West Ham currently offers, he should play European football if you ask me. Also a strong nominee but for me he is an older and a bit poorer version of Charlie Adam this season.

Samir Nasri has 11 assists and 5 goals for Arsenal so far this season and has been a vital player for the gunners with the absence of injured Van Persie at the start of the season. I was so lucky to get and watch this brilliant player live when Norway played France this season in a friendly. I was so impressed with the way he moved with the ball that I can’t say that I have ever seen a player move that well live ever before. Even though France lost the match Nasri was brilliant and the Norwegians had no chance in stopping him in the game. If you ask me he is the player in the premiership with the most flair and technique alongside Nani. Like Vidic he is for me a strong nominee which could win the award as well.

Gareth Bale is also a nominee here, but I feel like I said enough in my earlier post about the youngsters. I don’t feel like he has any chance in getting this award.

Manchester Citys captain and talisman Carlos Tevez has 19 goals and 6 assist this season. The stats speak for themselves and Tevez have been one of the strongest contributors in the premiership this season, so the nominee is well deserved. But for me it’s like Vidic, Tevez is one strong player in a team with a lot of players pulling the weight of the team which for me makes Charlie Adams performance stronger. And United have had a brilliant season so far and can win a treble while City at the moment are fighting for a champions league spot and just have the FA-cup to win. Which for me makes Vidic also a stronger nominee then Tevez, even though his stats are excellent.

Last but not least we have Tottenhams creative attacking midfielder Rafael Van der Vaart. For me it’s no doubt that Redknapp made the buy of the season with getting Van der Vaart from Madrid for a price I call nothing when you look at his performance this season. The Tottenham side with and without him are two different teams. Van der Vaart breaks down a lot of tight defenses in the premiership which has given Tottenham points that hey most likely wouldn’t have got without him on the pitch. 12 goals and 6 assist in 28 games this season is very good considering it’s his first season in the premiership. What for me makes Charlie Adam and Vidic stronger nominees then Van der Vaart is Tottenhams poor performance in the premiership as a team. They will not win anything this season and needs to finish the last game of the season flawless if they are to beat Man. City for the 4th and last spot in the champions league next season.

So rounding it up I feel that Charlie Adam or Nemanja Vidic should win the award with Adam as my personal favorite.

Please feel free to comment on my thoughts J

14 Apr 2011

PFA youth player award

As we are coming to the Fa-cup semi-finals and the final games of the premiership it's once again time for the PFA player of the year award. There are always some surprises and of course some discussions about players getting nominated and those who gets let out.

 I start off with the youth players. The players here are; Nasri, Bale, Coleman, Hart, Hernandez, Wilshire and Nani. Nasri and Bale are also nominated for both for PFA awards. If you ask me I don’t understand why Nani wasn’t nominated for both awards as well. The stats this season speaks for itself with 9 goals and 16 assists, he has been a major impact to this year’s United side which could end up with another magic treble.
Continuing here for me this year’s PFA young player of the year is Nani without of doubt. Finally the boy has become a man and stept out of the shadow of Ronaldo. For me it looks for me that the transfer of Ronaldo to Madrid made it easier for him to find the place in the side. Seeing United with and without Nani are two different sides if you ask me. And if you look apart from a strong season from fellow defender Vidic he has been United’s most valued player this year.

I will also say that seeing Wilshire against Barcelona also was impressive. I mean for a young midfield player stepping it up and play at the level he did in the champions league against the world class duo Iniesta and Xavi is just amazing. So if you ask me I would say that Wilshire has had the biggest improvement as a player this season. And it shows again that Wenger made a brilliant move letting him go to Bolton on a loan period to get more experience before making the big breakthrough at the gunners this season.

Harte made a brilliant start to the season and I think he has most clean sheets this season which of course is impressive when the league has a lot more experienced goalkeepers. So I agree that he definitely should be on this list, but as a goalkeeper it’s hard to win an award against outfield players, since it’s the goals and assist that often get the attention in the media.

For me Bale has had a decent season. He played some brilliant games like against Inter and Maicon. And like Wilshire he has had a huge improvement to his game this season. But overall I feel that he hasn’t performed good enough to get any award. I think the injuries he had set him back a bit which made him loose form for some time and I believe that he next season will shine brighter and brighter, and soon make him known as a world class player for sure.

Coleman has shown that Everton again is maybe the best club in England in producing young talent alongside Arsenal. He has come into the Everton and the premiership as unafraid talented player that always works hard and pressure the backline off the opposing team. But I don’t feel like he has performed well enough when you look at the other nominees.

Last but not least we have Hernandez. I feel like he made a slow start to the season but have really broken threw at the second part of the season. Of course it’s not easy to make it at United with the likes of Owen, Rooney and Berbatov. So it’s no doubt that the young Mexican has a big talent and will make a big impact in the future for United. But once again I must say that for me he hasn’t performed well enough throughout the season when you look at the other nominees.

So rounding it up I would say for me the biggest favoritt is Nani with Bale and Wilshire as outsiders in getting the PFA youth player award. 

If you have any thoughts or disagree with me, feel free to ad a comment :)